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Both Direct and SME data are powered by MTN Nigeria.

Two different departments though.

One is coded via 131 while the other is 461.

Direct usually has a 30days validity.

Before August 26th, 2019 SME had a validity of 90days. Nigerians embraced it. Large sales for the department. Howevr, SME is now 30days.

The mtn sme data plans are cheaper. SME  has no daily data plan and weekly data bundles.

The mtn direct data has Pay As You Go data bundle, daily, weekly and monthly data plans. The direct data is easier to subscribe as they have higher monthly data packages up to 110GB

It is assumed that SME exhausts faster than DIRECT. But Xpino Systems Solutions can categorically say SME browses faster than DIRECT.

Its just common sense, if SME browses faster then it should have a faster consumption.

Be informed. 🤝🏿