1. The portal shall efficiently, accurately and effortlessly dispense MTN SME & Direct, 9mobile, Airtel and Glo data. These products will be connected to our hosted sims
  2. Portal A shall provide users with easy access to GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES, Smile network and electricity payments of all available DISCOs in Nigeria. These products will be gotten from another portal through available API
  3. Portal A shall provide users with access to airtime pins as seen on xpinorechargecards.com.ng
  4. Portal A shall not have bulk sms among its products.
  5. Portal A will be a complete replacement of KingsVTU.com
  6. Users of portal A shall fund their wallets via Monnify payment processor. Each user shall have a unique account number. To complement this, there shall be option for manual funding through payment to designate bank.
  7. This portal must not have a free access to users after registration. Only users approved by the admin or designated staff will be able to login.
  8. Under user management, the users of Portal A shall have unique referrer codes.
  9. The referrer system should have a back end in the admin section where allotments of referral bonus can be edited and inputted based on companies decision
  10. Just like our other portal xpinomoney.com, Portal A shall have a SUSPENSION and DELETE option for each user. (Please request for access to the admin section on an XpinoMoney powered portal.
  11. Importantly, Portal A will serve as SUPPLIER to all the Portal Bs
  12. Any user of Portal A who is interested in having a personal reseller portal will have a Portal B made for him. His wallet on Portal A will power his own personal portal
  13. The users on Portal B buys items on Portal B based on the wallet condition of the portal owner on Portal A.
  14. The developer shall create an API for Portal A. This API will connect all the Portal Bs to Portal A, it can be given to interested portal owners who like to get service from Portal A.
  15. Developer will only make the application for Portal A, Xpino Systems Solutions will cater for the Landing Page.
  16. There shall be slots for API keys on the admin section. In case of fraud attack, we should be able to close each and every product in a way that sales will not occur.
  17. There must not be negative debits/balance on the portals. A user with zero naira must not be able to trade. Also, a user with 50naira must not be able to buy an item which cost even as low as 51naira
  18. The portals shall have an email notification systems for all users.



  1. Xpino Systems Solutions shall provide all needed cpanel details
  2. Portal A is just a primary project. The aim of this project is to have as many Portal Bs as possible. We have competitors who give out their Portal B at 20k-25k and have has much as over a hundred reseller portals. We are not placing a price tag on the reseller portals yet, however, the developer will need to give us an idea on his fee for installing and activating the API from Portal A to all the Portal Bs.
  3. The developer, will state the cost of installing his scripts on the Portal B (reseller portals). We will check what the hosting, ssl and domain costs. These will be cumulated to be the cost of acquiring a Reseller Portal.
  4. Xpino Systems Solutions will generate WordPress login details for the portal owners. Those who are tech savvy can make their landing pages by themselves. However, portal owners who would want a designer to make their landing page will be directed to the developer production of landing page. This arrangement will be fine-tuned in due cause.
  5. Just like the xpinomoney.com reseller portals, the owners of Portal B will be able to manage their portals with little or no assistance, this includes managing their users and prices.



Due to our years of experience in VTU business, we are aware of incessant attacks on vtu portals. Security is a priority. Developer will suggest best and most up-to-date security and auto backup options for us. We are open to credible suggestions. This is part of the interview and sorting process. Only a developer who shares our dream as regards the Portal Bs will have this contract. When the board finally decides on the developer to go along with, we shall have a more proper documentation to bind us together in this awesome project.



Our active vtu portals are www.xpinomoney.com, www.9javtu.com and www.kingsvtu.com. KingsVTU is the latest effort, but we want to perfect it. We suggest you register on the three so as to know the differences and similarities. We will be using API form www.clubkonnect.com

It is advised you register on clubkonnect too so how to see how it works then take a deep study of their API. If you are the final choice for this joint project, we will give you the API for the Monnify Sterling Bank payment integration  too. For the integration of the HOSTED SIMS (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO AND 9MOBILE) data products to our SIM Server company please take a look at https://ussd.simhosting.ng/docs 



Please go through this article again. We will need your reply within 48 hours, stating the best cost (which won’t hurt any of the parties involved) and the estimated cost for each Portal B. We are projecting about 10 portal B in the first two months. We will need a timeline for both Portal A and Portal B.

This project is as good as started already. Time is of the essence. If not done already, please include samples of VTU portals or other related projects you carried out recently.

Please mail your well detailed reply and opinion of the above scope within the next 48hours to chat@xpinosystems.com

Thank you.

Warm regards,

The Xpino Team